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All On 4® Treatment Concept Barrie, ON

All-On-4 Treatment Concept in Barrie, ONA great solution to missing teeth without the hassle of dentures is All-on-4 dental implants. As the name suggests, these permanent tooth replacements require only 4 implants per arch. This is in stark contrast to the typical dental implants which can require 8 or more implants, depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the status of the jawbone. The procedure itself is typically completed in one appointment and most patients are able to avoid the need for a bone graft in order to be a candidate for these dental implants. This provides a plausible solution for almost anyone who has suffered tooth loss or will experience it in the near future. Patients who need a tooth extraction, or those who have already lost their teeth and currently wear dentures, are often good candidates for this procedure.

The Major Difference

The All-on-4 dental implants provide the same benefits as traditional implants. You are able to eat, smile and talk without embarrassment or difficulty. The main difference between the two is the time commitment required for the procedure and its subsequent results. With traditional implants, you could experience up to 18 months of appointments before you have teeth that are fully functional and you must wait many months before you receive any teeth in order to allow the jaw to completely heal. With All-on-4, you walk out of your original appointment with temporary teeth and have your permanent teeth just 6 months later. This is made possible through the special angulation of these implants. The proper placement of just 4 implants at the specific angle makes it possible to support a full arch effectively and in a much quicker manner than traditional implants.

No Bone Graft

Bone grafts are an integral part of the traditional implant process. Without adequate bone, the implants are not able to fuse with the jaw, causing the procedure to fail. With All-on-4 the special angle that they are implanted with does not require extensive jawbone, which allows most patients to skip this painful and time-consuming step. Once the implants are placed, the bone will receive the stimulation it needs, preventing future bone loss from occurring as well, making this procedure even more beneficial for those who currently wear dentures and are experiencing the sunken-in look in their face and jaw.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for All-on-4?

As with any procedure, a personal consultation is necessary to determine your exact candidacy for the procedure, but if you meet any of the following criteria, a consultation is definitely worth it:
•  Your dentures have become loose, uncomfortable or inconvenient
•  You have several missing teeth or are about to experience tooth loss due to gum disease or any other advanced dental disease
•  You do not have any serious physical health issues
•  You want to be able to enjoy your food as well as talk and smile with ease

Teeth In a Day

Many people consider All-on-4 dental implants "teeth in a day". This is because of the fast treatment and the ability to walk out of the appointment with teeth, albeit temporary teeth, that day. The procedure is just like any other surgical procedure, so it has its risks, but with an individual consultation it can be determined if you are a good candidate. There are fewer risks and complications involved with this procedure because of the fact that only one surgery is required and the healing occurs at a much faster rate. This makes many more people who are currently dealing unhappily with dentures into candidates for this permanent tooth replacement.


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