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Eggs Offer a Lot of Nutrition Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 11/10/2018 by Tricia Ramsay
Eggs Offer a Lot of Nutrition Following Oral SurgeryEggs offer so much when consumed. Many people might not realize all of the benefits and vitamin-rich properties eggs have, but they are chock full of nutrients that help the body grow and prosper.

Due to this, eggs are excellent to have after oral surgery or any other surgery that requires the body to heal.

If you're considering a meal after having oral surgery, go with one that comes highly recommended by our dental professionals. Eggs have all of the nutrients a person needs to heal faster, better and stronger than ever, plus they're delicious.

Nutrients and Vitamins Found in Eggs

Eggs are nutrient and vitamin rich, making them ideal when a person needs a boost in their nutrition, but also increased healing properties. Eggs have these beneficial vitamins and nutrients in them:

•  Vitamin A
•  Folate
•  Vitamins B5, B12, B2, B6
•  Vitamin K
•  Phosphorus
•  Vitamin D
•  Vitamin E
•  Calcium
•  Zinc
•  Selenium

Those that just had surgery can benefit from consuming a moderate amount of eggs in their diet. Not only that, but they're soft, making them even more recommended by our oral surgeons as a preferred food to eat after surgery.

Do not put any salsa, hot sauce, ketchup or other acidic or spicy topping on the eggs, as this can upset the surgical site and cause inflammation to happen. Plain eggs are ideal, whether over easy or scrambled. Both provide benefits and both are soft enough for the patient to eat after oral surgery.

For more information on the diet that you can have, or what is recommended, speak with our office today. Our oral surgeons can recommend the best meal plans to heal faster, stay comfortable, yet get the nutrition needed without irritating the surgical site. We can provide answers to any questions you may have regarding oral surgery.


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