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When an Extraction Should Be Handled by an Oral Surgeon

Posted on 3/15/2017 by administrative
A elderly woman receiving an extraction.
When a tooth is damaged, the primary goal is to save it. However, there are certain circumstances under which the tooth cannot be saved, and therefore needs to be extracted.

Most simple extractions can be done by your dentist, right in the office. Some extractions, though, require the expertise of an oral surgeon.

Complications May Occur
Some extractions are simple. They simply require the loosening of the tooth in the socket and then removal with forceps. But not all extractions are simple. Some teeth are in poor condition, and are susceptible to breaking. This could create complications that your regular dentist may not be equipped to handle.

The Tooth is Damaged

If the tooth is already damaged, for instance, it is cracked below the gum line, there is a good chance that it will fracture more during the extraction. An oral surgeon is best equipped to handle this situation, should it arise.

You Require a Complicated Extraction

Not all extractions are as easy as loosening the tooth from its socket. Some extractions are far more complicated than that, and require a more involved procedure. Sometimes, some bone needs to be removed along with the tooth. You may have an infection. The tooth may be impacted. You may have entangled roots, or overly large sinuses. Any of these things can make an extraction complicated.

Anesthesia is Required

Your regular dentist can perform a simple extraction under local anesthetic. Some can provide some sedation. If you require more than a local, or you don't want to be awake during the procedure, you will need an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons are trained and licensed in intravenous sedation and anesthesia, and have the experience to handle any complications should they arise.

Your Regular Dentist Refers You to One

If your regular dentist refers you to an oral surgeon, he or she is doing so with good reason. You should follow through and make an appointment with one for your extraction.

Oral surgeons are experts in defects and injuries in and around the mouth, including tooth extractions. Contact our office to find out if your extraction should be handled by an oral surgeon during your consultation.

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