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Can Altitude Affect Your Dental Work?

Posted on 2/20/2018 by administrative
Barodontalgia Huronia Oral Surgery Group Ontario L4N 8J6Barodontalgia is a common buzzword for mountain climbers and scuba divers as the sudden change of air pressure causes toothaches.

But regardless of whether you are at a higher altitude or in a lower altitude, the sharp and stinging sensation you get from your teeth can be a sign of sensitivity.

If you have dental work, the pain may be caused by trapped air inside the cavity or filling. Altitude allows the trapped air to expand inside creating pressure on your tooth or the dental work.

What to Do When You Experience Barodontalgia?

Although the feeling steadily goes away when you have adjusted to normal pressures, it can be noticeably painful when the altitude changes. The only way to prevent barodontalgia from happening is to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Brushing the recommended times per day, flossing your teeth, and regular dental checkups prevent air pressure from accumulating in your cavities.

Barodontalgia may also be a sign of an underlying dental problem. Knowing your teeth condition and visiting our clinic before setting into an adventure will prevent discomfort along the way.

If your teeth have loose fillings it would take in air pressure and high altitude would cause the air pockets to contract causing the sharp and numbing sensation.

Visiting the Dentist Helps Reveal Underlying Problems

The only way to prevent barodontalgia from happening is making sure to have adequate care for your teeth. If you experience a sudden toothache because of atmospheric changes, it can be helpful have your teeth checked for any issues.

Most problems happen when a person has filling voids where air pressure can get in. Having your teeth filled will prevent the uncomfortable feeling from happening. Experiencing barodontalgia can also signify the presence of abscess in your teeth as pressure buildup intensifies the tension inside your gum lines.

If you want to learn more about barodontalgia and how altitude affects your dental work, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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