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Types of Sedation Used During Routine Oral Surgery

Posted on 11/27/2017 by administrative
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Routine oral surgery is often done with various forms of medication to ensure that patients feel as little pain as possible. As a patient yourself, you may wonder what types of sedation we will use when you undergo dental or oral surgery.

This is understandable as a lot of patients want to know what effects it will have on them, as well as whether or not they will have to continue using a certain type of medication during recovery.

Sedation During Oral Surgery

One of the most well known types of sedation that we use is called nitrous oxide. A lot of people already know this as "laughing gas". It tends to be a rather mild sedative and is very common for routine procedures. One of the most effective properties that it has is that of relieving anxiety. Tingling and numbness are also felt.

IV sedation is another "moderate" form of sedation. This generally makes you feel as though you have slept through the whole surgery, which is sometimes exactly what you may want. We normally turn to this kind of sedation for the shorter procedures.

IV sedation normally consists of a range of different drugs such as Valium, Halcion (which is known to have amnesiac properties) and Ativan (which can reduce anxiety). Other types include Versed which also has anxiety-reducing and amnesiac properties. Fentanyl can be included and this is what is used a form of pain relief.

Different drugs can also be taken orally. This often involves the patient signing a consent form before they take it. In a lot of cases it is up to the patient themselves. Should you have any questions then you can come and ask us about the exact sedation types we use to help patients.

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