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Did You Badly Burn Your Mouth? Your Oral Surgeon Can Help!

Posted on 6/25/2017 by administrative
A man's tongue suffering from a painful burn.
When you eat or drink something that is far too hot for your mouth, you can often be left with painful oral burns.

Some burns are not that bad, and go away on their own. However, some burns are significant enough to need medical attention.

There are two categories of oral burns that require you to see someone to help - second and third degree. If you think your oral burn is really bad, you may want to find out what your oral surgeon has to say.

Getting Medical Attention for an Oral Burn

A second-degree oral burn means that even after the initial burn, you are stuck in pain. You will often face large blisters that use up several layers of oral tissue. A third-degree burn is worse. On top of pain and blisters, you may actually begin feeling nothing at all.

Some people with third-degree burns never hurt when they initially suffer the burn. The nerves are fried, leaving them without the realization of how bad it really is. Your skin may end up feeling waxy, sometimes even turning brown.

If you get a second-degree burn, your oral surgeon may have to break the blister. Otherwise, they may simply keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn't get infected. For third-degree burns, many people need skin grafts to help the area heal. The nerves may be so badly damaged that they cannot protect your mouth or keep it healthy.

Don't underestimate an oral burn. They can be painful and a problem to deal with. If your oral burns are bad, your oral surgeon may need to help treat them so that your mouth is able to heal properly. If you have recently burned your mouth, make sure you contact our office to seek treatment.

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