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Why You Should Avoid Exercise for a Bit Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 5/17/2017 by administrative
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After oral surgery, your focus needs to be on healing. It is important that you do whatever your oral surgeon suggests to help your body heal up. The more you can heal without extra swelling and pain, the better for you, and the better for your procedure.

Exercise is important, and people need to do it regularly. However, for the first 3-5 days after oral surgery, depending on what type you had, you should avoid exercise for your own good.

Why Exercise is a Problem After Oral Surgery

Getting your heart rate up is great for your health. It makes you feel better, and allows your heart to remain healthier. However, it also makes your heart pump more blood throughout your body. This can make the bleeding in your mouth begin all over again, and it will surely increase how much swelling you have around the procedure site.

The reason your oral surgeon told you to use ice near the procedure site was to keep the swelling down. If you begin exercising while your mouth is still actively trying to heal, you can quickly cause the area to swell and the bleeding to disturb the clot that was already in place.

Follow the instructions your oral surgeon gave you about how to care for yourself exactly. They know what procedure you had done, and what needs to be done to heal from it properly. The closer you are able to adhere to those rules, the better results you will have when your healing is done.

Avoiding exercise for a few days is torture for some, and a vacation for others. Look at it as giving your mouth a reprieve from the work it just had done. It is only a few days, and you will be glad to give your mouth the break it needs when everything is done.

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