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Taking Your Child to the Oral Surgeon - What You Should Know

Posted on 2/27/2017 by administrative
A young boy scared of going to the oral surgeon.
Having to get oral surgery as an adult is hard enough. As a child, who doesn't understand what is going on or why, it can be downright frightening. And, as a parent, that fear can transfer to you as well. But you know your child needs their procedure. Here is what you should know when you need to take your child to the oral surgeon.

Prepare Yourself
Learning everything you can about the procedure can greatly help to ease your fears. It can also help you to understand why it has been suggested. But don't just do all of your research online. Talk with your child's dentist. Don't be afraid to ask questions. After all, your child is going to be asking questions.

Talk to Your Child
Explain the problem to your child, in terms that he or she will understand. Having talked with your child's dentist, you will be prepared to answer their questions. Steer clear of words that might frighten them more, such as "cut" or "put to sleep." These words may only cause more fear. Let them know that the doctor will make sure that they are comfortable and that they will get medicine to make them sleep so they won't feel anything.

Separation anxiety is a common fear for most young children. Reassure your child that you will be there when they wake up. And if it helps, let them know that they can bring a comforting stuffed toy with them who will be there for them to hug when the procedure is done, too.

After Surgery

Your child will undoubtedly feel not quite like themselves after the procedure. Make sure that you, or a trusted adult, will be available at all times for at least the first 24 hours to help them feel better. Administer pain medication as needed.

Encourage your child to rest and eat gentle foods. You will also need to keep an eye on their oral hygiene habits to make sure they don't irritate the site and that it gets clean so as to prevent infections. And reassure your child that they will get better.

Preparing yourself and your child for their oral surgery will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to contact our office. The better prepared the both of you are, the more likely everything is to go well.

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