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Foods That Are Safe To Eat After Oral Surgery

Posted on 6/30/2016 by administrative
Three fruit smoothies beside each other.Following your oral surgery procedure, consuming food may sound like a frightening idea. Some patients may choose to forgo food, maybe a meal or two, but eventually you will need to eat something. Others may not have the choice to forgo food because of medication they are taking or because of health reasons including diabetes.

So, what would give you the health benefits you need, and in return, not disturb or damage the surgical site?

The main idea when considering foods that are ok to eat, think soft, think of foods that are not crunchy or could cause a stabbing feeling on the surgical site. In fact, if possible, chew on the opposite side of the surgical site.

Recommended Foods After Oral Surgery

Most importantly, be sure to drink water, water will help keep you hydrated, keep your wound clean, and is good for you. Foods that have been noted to be gentle for consumption following your dental procedure include:

•  Soups: Soups can have a large variety of options, what we like is that the items in soups tend to be soft. Vegetables and meats are often so cooked, that they are soft and mushy, while tending to be very healthy and filling. Some patients may also find comfort in the warmth of soup in their mouths, though if you are numb, be careful to not intake foods that are too hot, your sense of determining temperature may be off.
•  Yogurt: Soft, creamy, and healthy, yogurt is a great decision when seeking something filling, nutritious and gentle for your mouth.
•  Smoothies: Smoothies can be what you make them, fruit based, vegetable based, there is a taste for everyone. Soft, gentle, and easy to eat, just be sure to sip your smoothie and do not use a straw, sucking through a straw can cause your wound to bleed and slow healing.
•  Applesauce: Yummy, and soft, applesauce is a classic and appropriate option while recovering from dental surgery.
•  Mashed Potatoes: Another classic choice, mashed potatoes is filling, and known for being one of those comfort foods during a time when a little comfort sounds good.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your oral health.

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